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  1. Social Media

    Category: Profiles/Jaunting History

    Show us some social media love and follow us here: Twitter: We tweet collectively as @JauntingSisters, and have individual accounts at @JauntingJenny and @JauntingJill Facebook: Jaunting Sisters Instagram: ... Monday, 07 January 2013
  2. My Bold Travel Moment in 250 words or less

    Category: Blogs/Jenny

    ... collectively as @JauntingKerrs  ... Monday, 31 December 2012
  3. My Bold Travel Moment in 250 Words or Less

    Category: Other Blogs/My Condé Nast Traveler Lexus Trip to South America

    ... as @JauntingKerrs  ... Monday, 31 December 2012
  4. I Love Lisbon

    Category: Blogs/Jenny

    I generally have one travel rule when going overseas... I must visit at least one new country if I make the whole trek across the pond. I managed to do that in 2008 to visit ... Thursday, 14 June 2012
  5. Being a Kentucky Fan in the Basketball Belt

    Category: Blogs/Jenny

    ... king of Twitter with 1.1 million followers and counting follow him:  @UKCoachCalipari... Being an active Twitter user myself (follow me at @JauntingKerrs and @JauntingJenny) I have never felt more connected ... Monday, 12 March 2012
  6. Jaunting Conversations about CVG's Future- Part 1

    Category: Cincy/NKY/CVG Series

    Jill and I had the opportunity to drive to CVG and meet with Jay Brock and Molly Flanagan,  who head up the marketing and social media arm of our international airport. The point of our discussions with ... Thursday, 19 January 2012
  7. @JauntingKerrs Live from Rupp Arena

    Category: Cincy/NKY/General

    ... @JauntingJenny and @Jaunting Jill will be tweeting live as the @JauntingKerrs from historic Rupp Arena! Stay tuned to our Twitter feed (to the right) for our updates and photos throughout the day! C-A-T-S, ... Saturday, 03 December 2011
  8. Christmas Cocktails with A-Line and Molly

    Category: Blogs/Jenny

    ...  We hope you have a wonderful Christmas Season! Show some love and connect on Twitter with everyone in this article: @MollyWellmann @ALineMagCincy @Japps1879 @CityBeatCincy @JauntingKerrs @JauntingJenny ... Thursday, 01 December 2011
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