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  1. Fleeing the Country...Without My Baby

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    ... a small, affordable villa somewhere in a foreign countryside. Just doing something outside of the good ole U.S. of A. Reality isn't quite as easy as that. I work for myself, so taking time off to have ... Thursday, 26 September 2013
  2. Evacuation Route to the North Fork Wineries

    Category: Blogs/Jenny

    ... early for a wedding (good thing we called ahead). By rearranging our trip and stopping there first, we were able to stay in the tasting room. I was slightly disappointed because the veranda where we usually ... Monday, 14 November 2011
  3. Whirlwind trip to the Thompson LES

    Category: Blogs/Jenny

    If you're looking for a trendy but affordable hotel in NYC, The Thompson LES is a great choice. Whenever I try to book luxury hotels, I usually skip the typical sites like Travelocity and Expedia and ... Friday, 16 September 2011
  4. Personal Guide to Conquering the Szechenyi Baths

    Category: Blogs/Jenny

    ... it forward. After you're done changing into your suit, head through the back door of the changing room into the locker area. There should be variousl open lockers where you can place your belongings. ... Monday, 03 January 2011
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Search Keyword where stay nyc

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